This is a new page for me to add customers and there mics, with links to there bands and videos. Let me know if you want to be added!!!

Mutant Mics newest and favorite customer yet! This is Sully Erna of Godsmack with 1 of the two EL6030's custom built with black powder coat, red lights and 58 beta's See past projects page to see more of his mics. Check out the new and upcoming album, 1000 horsepower!

This is all three of his mics. From left to right. The first is a Fatboy 55 with 58 beta installed. It was powder coated black and had his custom logo on it. It was also the only lighted mic out of the 3. Next is the Turner 34X he used on Letterman. As I said this is not a Crappy Heil fin. Heil fin copied this mic. It came out in the 30's. Last is the vintage Lafayette, which also had a 58 beta. You will see him live in concert with all of them now..

Another one Of My big named artist.. Dez Fafara of "Coal Chamber" and "Devildriver" with his Gold Plated 55 with a 58 beta, and lights, he calls "Goldy"

This is Rusty's mic who is one of the guitarist in the band, and this is Dewayne the lead singer both, from the band, "Lock-17" using this custom 55, chrome, with a 58 beta, green shimmer screen and Green lights. This model also has a toggle guard with toggle on off, like a rocket switch. Very Very cool Mic! But not near as cool as this brand new HD video for the single"Circle"  Just released from their album, "Release The Monster". Awesome song no doubt! Check this new video out on the picture below along with there band page on Facebook here!  Facebook link        

Here is the brand new video Just released!  Video Link

This is the Bicycle Repairmen, one of my newest customers. They are now the proud owner of three mics. Check out there video below! very cool!!
Video Link

This is one of my newest Customers. Miss Bonita Muntz. This is her in one of her most Crowning moments, Using her new Chrome finish 55, with 58 beta, and warm white lights!

This is Kelliane and this is her Facebook link check it out. Tell me this isn't the most astonishing album cover you have ever seen. Check out their new album. Facebook Link!             

Mary West and just one of her and her husband's mics. Together they have around 10 mics and the list is growing.. Check out the link below of them live If you want to hear my mics performing.. love that old 50's rock! Video Link

Here is Jorgen and Mary West using two of the mics He has. He has a total of 10, that I have built, and the list keeps growing. Thanks Jorgen! Check out the link above and see them doing this show live!

Royr or Roy Cathy Depending on How long you have known him Universal studio recording artist "The Fifth" and one of his many 55's he has. He will be send more pics soon. He Also was the Lead singer of a Band called Cold Sweat

and had a Video on MTV back in the day check it out on you tube.... lets make love tonight!

This is Mos Def, And his red devil microphone, He sent it to me for upgrades and It actually has a 58 Beta inside. and new screens, I called it the Red Devil. Another customer of mine was opening up for him (see below) and Mos Def noticed my customers new mic so he started telling him about me, and what I did.

This is the famous or should I say Infamous ANU~SUN. He is the customer that opened for Mos Def when he was Mos Def.. (now Yasiin and retired) ANU~SUN took the picture above of Mos Def and sent it to me. This is  ANU~SUN when he opened for the great BB King at "The Root's Holiday Jam Session" in NY. This is his gloss black 55 with red lights. He is about to update his mic to the new blue color chrome. If you want to get up with ANU~SUN here is his facebook link. Facebook link   and here is his You tube Page

Don is a Member Of the "Note Ropers" a band out of Greenville SC.

John Ervin of the Note Ropers!

This Chris Craft of "the Note Ropers" They have a total of 5  55's with the chrome finish and white mesh screens and with Arc white lights... They have 2 with beta 87's and 3 with beta 58's. You can see them here in Action Live with the mics!! VIDEO LINK

 love the way the mics stand out! This is Mike Bagwell.. Here is a link to them on Facebook! FACEBOOK LINK

And here is there link to Myspace. Thanks to all the members of the Note Ropers

this Is "My Little Cheap Dictaphone which are pretty big in Europe and better known as  MLCD

This is Ryan, and his New 55 Fatboy with 58 beta and lights.  Ryan is the proud owner of two mics buit by me and has an EV726 being worked on now. The next two pics are of the band he is in,             "The Lamplights".

The Lamplights with two of their Fatboys,

The Lamplights out of the Gold Coast, Australia, And I would like to Thank "kick the Cow Photography for their awesome pics. I added a link to more pics of the band, at Kick The Cow Photography's web site. My page just doesn't do Chris's phots's Justice. So if you are in Australia Look him up at the link below. The two links below that are The Lamplights links, Check them out!!

This is John is a one man band that is awesome! Better know as the Great HOLLOW-BELLY. Follow the link below to see him do a little acoustic set with a a Fatboy I built for him. Its the only thing plugged up.. Really cool! VIDEO LINK
And here is his FACEBOOK LINK

This is the great Jimmy Limo, with his 55, with a 58 beta and red and blue lighted mic. check out the link and see Jimmy and this Mic performing Live You can definitely hear the quality of this mic.
Jimmy Limo "live" at the Skyline Casino In Vegas. VIDEO LINK
Jimmy Limo live with a sample Of "My Mellow Guitar" VIDEO LINK

This Sarah Hickman performing on Wally's mic on an ABC Morning show. This Mic is a 556 with a 58 beta inside. Wally is the sound engineer running the show, thats why he is not in the picture, so now you know what it will sound like. Wally told me that this mic sounded amazing and the only setting on the EQ was 80hz roll off. There is no difference in sound between it in a Fatboy or a newer 55....

This is Big Al, and his lighted 55 with a 58 beta.. Check out this links for his band they are awesome! they just released a new video! VIDEO LINK