Welcome to my past projects page!, This is for inspiration for you, to help understand what I can do and to help you make choices. I have anything from old to new, From vintage to outrageous, even famous! So Enjoy!

Another shot of the Godsmack microphone before it was finished. Shows a great view of the back of the microphone. They were outfitted with red lights and 58 beta's.

STEAMPUNK #1 design in the style of Steampunk. this model was a vintage 55 Fatboy, and has a 58 beta inside. This microphone belong to the famous Latin Singer, Pepe Aguilar. He got it for his birthday from his wife.

As you can see I lighted this mic so you can see the gears on the inside also..

Newly finished Phillips EL6030 with lights and 58 beta.

Steampunk #2.. although it may look the same, Dr. Duane Todar did order this mic to look just like the other but thats impossible being all the parts are so hard to duplicate. But I did get close but I actually copper chromed this mic and I think it turned out better than the cosmi chrome version above.. I also added spikes to this mic at the top.. and fixed a few week spots so you can be a little more rough with them..

This mic and the next mic belong to the famous Singer, Piano artist, and radio host. John Tesh of Teshmedia. This fatboy was custom painted to John's specks and fitted with one of the best mics on the planet for live performances. This mic has my first converted Shure KSM9 That microphone alone is around 600.00 for a corded version! John was using it on tour with the Big Band tour.

Another famous customer owns this mic. He is the lead Singer Dez Fafara , for the Devil Driver, and also the original Lead singer for Coal Chamber who is back together and on tour Down under. This is an actual Vintage 55SWG. this mic was all original, and was carefully changed over with a 58 beta and lights It has blue in the front and green in the back. All the original parts were carefully put in a storage box for Dez so when he is ready he can put it back original if he wants..

Custom 55 built for None other than Mr. Anderson of TNA. this microphone drops from the ceiling and lights up and also has a 58 beta.

This Is a custom Mirror black powder coated mic. it has some ribs removed to look like the music scale. custom screen, custom paint and custom flip switch. The Owner of this one of kind mic. is Beyond Deep!

If you are a fan of metal You may recognize this emblem. This Mic belongs to the great Dez Fafara of Devil Driver and also the lead singer of Coal Chamber. This is his second mic.

One of my new concepts.. of taking one of the lights from the front of the mic and adding this lighted push button.. this is actually the on off switch for the mic not the lights. But I'm sure I could wire it that way..

this is a 556 that was in rough shape. I sanded the chrome completely off down to the bare metal. I polished it to a mirror finish, and then clear red powder coated it.. I added some black along the way and this mic came out awesome! Looks anodized.

Shure 730. This one is rare being it has the copper name plate and the Shure "s" logo in the middle of the bulls eye. Most do not have a logo. this model has a 87 beta inside.

A small Steampunk them microphone made out of two Shure 730's like the one above.

This mic is an Astatic 77A with a 58 beta inside. Its also lighted red. This is really hard to do with the 77A being there is not a lot of room and a few modifications have to made to fit. This version cost more to convert because of that.

a 55sh2 with 58 beta inside and blue shimmer screen with custom white paint.

WR20 by astatic, and it has blue lights, and a 87 beta inside..

Here it is with the lights on..

"The Sith" My first black and Red 55 I did in 2008, This was a 55SHII that I gutted and put a my first Shure 58 beta inside. It was inspired by the Star Wars character Darth Maul. This was over a year before Shure came out with the Super 55 and two years before the limited addition black and red Super 55. Maybe they are Star Wars fans too, or maybe just Mutant Mic fans, who knows.

This is a Ev726 that belongs to Jorgen one of my best repeat customers. Find him on my customers page. He owns a over 40 mics that I have built for him and the list keeps growing.This is the first custom painted EV I did in red and black and silver. Way back in 2005

a Old Turner "mohawk" mic. this turner has a modified R115 element inside.

Well here is a pretty cheap way to make it look awesome without killing your wallet...Or have me do it for you. the pitting in the mics just cant cant be fixed and paint really wont stick to chrome... So here is what you do.. Go to youtube and watch a video on how to gold leaf. Its really simple...Get some gold leafing Glue. A package of gold leaf. A small soft paint brush. A can of "kyrlon X-metals paint (basically candy apple red. And go to the Automotive paint store and get the two part Epoxy clear coat. and for around 50.00 in parts and about 4 hours you can have a custom paint job you can be proud to have. The Clear is the most important. don't cheap out on that.. Even if you have to drop it off at a body shop and have them paint it its worth it. But basically gold leaf the mic and cover the pitting and give it a little texture. the gold will make it shiny and cover the bad spots. then spray it with red...I tried other colors but red looked best over gold. I did about 3 thick coats...enough its above the gold texture. Then two good coats of the clear. I let it dry for a few days before I even touched them.... Even though car clear dry fully in just about an hour as hard as a rock... Anyways the gold shines under the red like you would not believe this picture does not do it justice and it looks awesome. I was so pleased I wanted to share with everyone how easy it could be. I also tried the look of Candy blue over Silver leaf, and candy green over silver also.... Just ask I can send you a picture of what it will look like.

This mic was in really rough shape when I got it.. the customer had bought it with broken grills out of the front and one in the back.. So I just cut them all the way out and made a pattern of the ones that were left. I then Custom painted it satin black to cover the bad areas, and installed a 58 beta. If you only new how bad off this mic was.. It was so close to a trash can.. But now is being used again.. breaks my heart to see them beat up and thrown on a shelf.

Here is white Lights with the chrome shell

Are you a Johnny Cash fan and like the man in black? Lights not your thing? Well this mic is right up your alley, This is a Shure 55SHII that I built with a 58 beta inside and satin black powder coat and black screen to match and yes you can get it without a switch too.

Are you a Super Hero fan if you like I can build you something upon request. of course i would have to stay in accord to all trade mark rules right and give credit to where credit is due.  I actually bought this decal from a hobby shop and with its trade mark on it and just clear coated over it...the mic it self was painted silver first and then candy apple blue to give it an anodized blue look. it has a custom red shimmer screen and a it actually is a Super 55 microphone that I just custom painted this way and lighted green and called it "Kyprtonite."

Here it is Lighted...

As you can see I can also add silhouettes to make cool designs like this set of fangs or in the next picture the flames....

As you can see this Mic is the Black Chrome look with flame screen. The flames were gold under the red screen and I made them thicker to cast a shadow when the lights were on.

I also do pink as you can see, and I also have a Black light UV one that if you wear Fluorescent make up or contacts that you want to glow, the microphone will set them off... its really cool.. I will have a picture up of that soon I hope...

Here is the Blue LED's with the Chrome 55 and this is also My number one seller...

Yes I also do Astatics. This one has been upgraded with lights and a beta 58a... It is a very tight fit and the mic has to be at an angle inside but it is possible...

Here is an EV 726 that a customer purchased at a steel of 350.00 and had lighted, after he got pictures of it he said it reminded him of a silon from Battle Star Galactica, and I thought that was very cool so I named it The Silon. watch out Vader there is a new mic in town.

 As of right now, I can do just about any color you can think of but will have to order the bulbs. But the ones I keep in stock are Blue, red, white and green. and I just started a new version that will have pics up soon. UV black light. It will be combined with purple to give a cool new effect. One of my customers wears make up and Glow in the dark contacts in his eyes that glow with UV light. He wanted  them to light when his mic was close to his face. This is a really cool effect. and I will get pics up soon!

Here is a custom paint Ruby red and gold EV726 I did that kind reminded me of Iron Man when I was done.

This is a new design I have been working on.. This is a Calrad DM-16, very close the Monarch and the Astatic version which I can also do... this is this first two tone LED mic done to date, it was designed by the Owner "Jimmy" on the computer and sent to me in an email and he asked could I build it... And this is the finished product. I could not fit a 58 in this version they are much smaller than a 55, But I did get the 87 beta in this and it sounded amazing.

Here is what it could look like in a 55...and No it doesn't have to be blue and red it can be any colors you want.  This mic is also Jimmy's

This is a two tone color screen with mesh on the outside. As you can see mesh over powers colors for the most part but still adds a cool accent.

This mic below as you can see is a my design of a 55sh2 with a 87 Beta. This actual version is a 87C Beta, better suited for live performance over the 87A Beta these are condenser mics, and need Phantom power to operate. the other two mics in the picture are there for reference to insure that this mic is what I say they are and to show how well they fit. Refer to my FAQ/prices page for more info on these and the differences between all my mics. all my upgrades can fit in vintage 55's as well as the 55sh2's.

No not all the mics I do are Lighted, lol.. But they all are custom to what the owner wants .

As you can see in the picture above I can also do original colored screens,  like in vintage mics Shure released, RED, BLUE and BLACK.

On occasion I will buy a vintage 55 and it will be in such bad shape that the only thing to do is have it stripped of its chrome at the chrome place and have it either re-chromed for 160.00 (see the next few below) or now that its stripped, I can paint them or powder coat them! Here is one of the Black ones with the mesh. I've sold a couple of these, and I call them the "VADER", lol. Also if you notice the vintage plug has been Changed over to the hard mounted XLR that I also sell. I add these without changing the original port, so if you want to change it back original one day you can! There are No structural changes done to the vintage 55's to achieve what I do.

These Mic's below are chromed, not brushed like the originals. I must say they look awesome in person! and stand out over the original look. They cost around 150.00 to chrome like this over any other cost. Also as you can see they have quick disconnects and the hard mounted XLR convertion. (quick disconnects allow you to remove the mic from the stand without screwing it on and off, with just a push of a button)

This one below is the red silk. as I call it. but in all honesty its not silk at all. its actually called CASA. it the almost exactly the same material as in the originals. As of right now I don't sell the material separate. because you will be amazed to know this is not glued in. these actually are my own design, of pre-formed foam with the silk coverings. I've made them like this so anybody can change it out with a degree or time to mess with it. they are a lot like a inverted cup of a bra. but instead of a boob going inside, the cup fits in the shell. they don't have to be glue or nothing and can be switched out and changed colors in minutes!

 I do custom colors of your choice but it cost extra, because the material Casa only comes in by the yard. But once again, Money talks and B.S. walks.

Yes, 55's are my specialty, but not the only mics I upgrade. Here are some more past projects. Enjoy! And this is brand new a Item that I'm doing, a EV726.

Here is a very rare and Beautiful mic. one of my favorites. Its a Lafayette. I upgraded this bad boy to a 58 beta, being the element did not work and I could not find parts. I also changed it over to a hard mounted XLR.

This is the one from above that was lighted Blue, But as you can see the screen has also been changed to blue.. very nice look on this 77.

here it is from the back, and yes like I said it does have a 58a Beta inside, but a SM58 will not fit..

An EV 726 with a Shure 58 beta installed!!

As you can see, there is a Shure SM58 inside this 664 mic. and by request of the owner, I inserted it. There was a modification to the inside and cannot be changed back original. But it sounded amazing! 

This is the same turner but notice how shiny it is. I polish all mics free of charge that I rebuild, back to a new finish. As long as it can be polished!, meaning I don't polish mics, that have chrome pitting or bubbles.

Here is a Refurbished Turner U9S that was hooked up with the element of a Shure 51 to keep the vintage sound and a HML switch...and as you can see he went with the light option!

I've also Modified a few 950s, and upgraded them with a R115 element. if it can be done I can do it. I even have a design of the 87c beta element that can be made as small as 2 inches tall by 2 inches deep, by 1 1/2 inches wide! Can you imagine what that can fit in? and I can do it for about the cost of a new 87c mic at the dealer.

Yes I also do the Shure 51's. This mic was restored back to original, but I have put the 87 Beta's in them, because the 58's will not fit. As you can see this version was upgraded to the hard mounted XLR right behind the stand. This is also one of my own designs and can be switched back to original if you ever wanted to sell it as so.

This is something else I've started. some of the originals had the center bar painted black to really make it stand out. I duplicate this look, on old mic's and on new ones. I can even match the color of the center line to match your screen color to give it that hidden look. Also if you have one of the old original Shure symbols (not the tin sticker) they were made of brass, I polish them down to give it this gold look that really stands out.

As you can see this a restored to original mic right down to the screen. I also rescreen the inside element as you can see in the next picture.

This is another original I've fully restored. you can see the new screen on the inside and I even rebuilt the shock mount in the handle back to its working order.

I hope You have enjoyed my website and if you have any questions, check out my FAQ's on my "F.A.Q. / prices"  at the top left of this page and see if its already there. If not Email me at whoizitcc69@aol.com. Thanks for your visit, and I hope I can serve you. Sincerely, Chris